Doing More.

I don’t blog enough, and I don’t shoot enough. Recently a work friend asked me to do some headshots for her, and I was happy to do so. I’m happy with the results, but I have to say, anyone could take a picture of Diana and have it look great; she’s very beautiful!

There are quite a few more on my flickr spot. I wanted to at least update my blog with a few.

Prism Gallery, March 2012.

So, so excited that I ended up going to this. I was up so late being sick that I was not sure I’d get up in time to go. I did leave late (1pm-ish), but I am glad I went to see this installation by Os Gemos. I tumbled about this some time ago, and a friend urged me to go as well.🙂 I posted a link a little while ago on my tumblr. I really want to go again. I don’t think I’ll have the opportunity though, before it closes on March 24th.

Yes, this was part of the installation. Bonus points to anyone who visits and can tell me where it was. (Kinda sorta hidden just a little.)

All those are posted on my instagram. You can follow me on instagram via my username (per_lux_lucis) or follow via this link.

… I also HAD to visit Marc by Marc Jacobs off of Melrose. I went in there knowing the credit card would come out. And it did. I used it. Abused it.

My auntie actually got this MBMJ tee for me as a gift, because she said it was very me. And it really is. She definitely was not letting me leave without it!

I took some snapshots with my actual camera as well. (I love you iPhone, but yanno.) Continue reading

Paint with Light.

I recently acquired a second Canon 580EX II Speedlite, and hadn’t had the opportunity to use them together (work, school, work, school). After having minimal success with my PocketWizard Plus IIs, I turned to an extra long ETTL cable to get my flash off camera! (Sigh… Gotta replace the cable for the PWIIs so I can get as cable-less as possible!) What I love about these flashes is that I can control the amount of light from each flash with one unit (the “master” flash). Makes shooting soooo easy! You could even use EETL on both flashes, if you wanted to. That’s pretty cool.

These photos are mostly un-edited. I used a bright red and deep blue gel. I did adjust contrast and touch a little bit of weird shadowing on my cheek and near my mouth in the portrait. Otherwise… I got pretty lazy. Haha! Enjoy.

I’m really not diggin’ the hands in the last photo. I always forget about my hands and to pose them… I’m still practicing posing for pictures.

OBEY The Kiss.

I took a few photos to showcase a tee I wore on Valentine’s Day by OBEY Clothing. Re-create of Klimt’s “The Kiss” in an awesome, psychedelic-funk style. Was primarily inspired by the light coming through a window from the house in the  late afternoon. The clouds had diffused the sun, but left just enough light to cast a lovely, soft glow. (Being further diffused by the window made it just right.)

Self portraits are not easy for me, and they especially can get funky when giving auto-focus a go. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out half bad, and the shift of focus can be alluring. So glad I got my tripod back. We had been separated for some time.

Nature trend.

I can’t believe how good these last two days have been for me. I almost feel like I have been sedated. Spending hours alone, but doing productive things (at least, to me). I didn’t expect to appreciate it so much. I find it a challenge to explain. As much as I have enjoyed it, I look forward to getting out and being social again. Maybe I’ll do just that very soon.

After all, I’m super lucky to have the people I do in my life.

I feel fortunate to live where I do. I am close enough to beautiful gardens and places to walk or hike, and in an area where I can find all kinds of amazing foods from almost any genre you can think of. I had tea today at my favorite tea house with a half sandwich (three cheese grilled cheese), and a cup of minestrone soup. Yesterday I had an unbelievable sushi feast with delicious Fuji Apple flavored sake.